After attaining a Media Arts degree at USC, John founded a number of successful companies.  American Staging Technologies specialized in helping corporations with public and internal communications through creative mediums like worldwide, interactive television broadcasts, world tours, new product introductions and other live events.  Atamira Communications, helped corporations define their leadership through national media placement, ghost-written books and video documentaries.  Today, John consults with public and private industry and continues implementing his industrial design for choice projects. 




John's media and fine arts education, but probably more importantly, his real-world experience combine to give him the ability to manage both the creative process as well as the people on his teams.  Johns' deeply ingrained artistic sensibilities are the basis for excelling in the delivery of creative solutions. 

John is also passionate about photography.  See some of John's work at the link on the left below, JME.PHOTO.

Link to JB's photographic website:  JME.PHOTO

Link to JB's Experience Paper:  JB's Work History & Skills